• A new kind of Tequila Soda


    We ferment our Blue Weber agave unlocking the world's smoothest hard seltzer. Your words not ours,

    Harvested in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

  • Lime Mint

    Freshly squeezed lime and a subtle hint of mint.
    80 calories no added sugar.

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  • Variety

    Sip back and enjoy the world's smoothest duo.

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  • Mango Blood Orange

    A splash of ripe mango and tangy blood orange.
    86 calories no added sugar.

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Why Ferment?

We ferment our blue agave for a new kind of tequila soda—one with no alcohol aftertaste and that uses less energy than traditional distillation. It's a win-win for the people and the planet.

Regeneratively Farmed

Our agave is non-GMO and estate-grown using organic fertilizer and we replant every agave we harvest and compost our biomass back into the soil of Jalisco, Mexico.


Giving hard seltzer a good name

Our small team of tequila soda drinkers wanted a beverage that would not only satisfy taste buds but also aligned with their desire for good companies that challenged the status quo. So we set out to create Tecoda and unlocked the world's smoothest hard seltzer.

You asked, we answered

What’s Tecoda made of?

We keep it simple, fermented blue agave, sparkling water and a splash of fresh fruit and herbs. With just 80-86 calories and no added sugar. 

How is Tecoda different from other hard seltzers?

Most hard seltzers are made with malt alcohol, which comes from fermented sugar, grains or corn. We are made with fermented 100%  Blue Weber agave. Think – quality of tequila but smoother. 

What does Tecoda taste like?

Thanks to our fermentation process, our blue agave is incredibly smooth, so we don't need to add sugars or sweeteners. All you'll taste is our subtle fresh fruit and herbs. It's light, never sweet, and undeniably refreshing.

What is the difference between tequila and fermented blue agave?

The process of tequila making involves fermenting and then distilling blue agave. We keep things simple by leaving our agave in its fermented state for the smoothest drink possible.


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