Does The Word Really Need Another Hard Seltzer?

Probably not.
But it needs Tecoda.

Tecoda is all about evolution because if we're all not moving forward, we'll end up like the VHS in a world of streaming. That's why we've taken the decades-old tequila soda and evolved it for today's world. We’re a small team shaking up an industry through product innovation and sustainability practices.

With Tecoda, you can sip knowing that we are committed to satisfying both your taste buds and your desire for clean products and good companies. Tecoda ferments Blue Weber agave for the smoothest, cleanest, low ABV drinking experience.

Made for those who forge their own path, staying true to the rebellious spirit of Mexico.


We are kind to the planet but we don't deserve a round of applause. We believe it is every brand's responsibility to look after our home. Period. That's why we plant 1 blue agave plant for every one that we harvest. We are also dedicated to offsetting our emissions and conserving energy by fermenting, not distilling, creating the smoothest, cleanest hard seltzer out there.

It's a win-win, For the people and the planet.


Regenerative Farming

Located in Jalisco, Mexico our Blue Weber agave is non-GMO and estate grown using organic fertilizer. Our biomass waste generated is used as compost to combat deforestation on the farms where the future of Tecoda grows.

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