Variety Pack

Variety Pack

Hard Seltzer made from  
100% Blue Agave 

80 - 86 CALORIESNo Added Sugars4.2% ABV

A tasty collection of you jumping in a time travel machine wandering the streets of 1960s Havana, sipping away at an ice-cold mojito, whilst listening to Jack Johnson's "Mango Tree" and juicing some plump blood oranges.

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Mango Blood Orange: Carbonated Water, Fermented Blue Agave, Mango Juice, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid (naturally occurring in fruit), Sodium Citrate (natural salt).

Lime Mint: Carbonated Water, Fermented Blue Agave, Lime Juice, Natural Mint Extract, Citric Acid (naturally occurring in fruit), Sodium Citrate (natural salt).

Nutritional Facts

Gluten free, no added sugar (1g of natural fruit sugar), non-gmo, plant-based. A friend of most fad diets - Keto and vegan approved.

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Why Do More When You Could Do Less?

More than what goes into a Tecoda is what doesn’t. Because you shouldn’t need what you don’t.

No Malt. No Additives. No Burn. No Bite. No After Taste. No Guilt. No Nonsense.

Our Farms

Located in Jalisco, Mexico our agave is non-GMO and estate grown using organic fertilizer. All the biomass that we generate (agave waste) is composted and returned to the earth to provide nutrition and prevent deforestation. It’s everybrand’s responsibility to look after our home. And, well, we’re just doing our part.

Shop Your Flavor

  • Lime Mint

    Freshly squeezed lime and a subtle hint of mint.
    80 calories no added sugar.

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  • Mango Blood Orange

    A splash of ripe mango and tangy blood orange.
    86 calories no added sugar.

    Regular price $70.00
    Regular price Sale price $70.00