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Tecoda Cap

Tecoda Cap

Lime Mint 

Mango Blood Orange 

Lime Mint gives you that just-picked fresh citrus squeeze, balanced with a hint of mint.
Mango Blood Orange gives you the ripeness of mouth-watering mango combined with a juicy blood orange.

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Nutritional Facts

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Best enjoyed in your place with your people

  • Fermented, Not Distilled

    We stop our process at fermentation so Tecoda becomes a refreshingly low ABV alternative to your usual classic tequila soda.

  • Smooth Finish

    Our fermentation process leaves a refreshingly light fizz, with no bite or aftertaste, ever.

  • Our Promise to the Planet

    We are a young brand committed to operating a sustainable supply chain to reduce our impact on the environment.

One for One: Partnering with Climate Neutral to offset our emissions and give back 1% for the Planet

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  • Lime Mint

    80 calories no added sugar.
    Freshly squeezed lime and a subtle hint of mint.

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  • Mango Blood Orange

    86 calories no added sugar.
    A splash of ripe mango and tangy blood orange.

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  • Variety

    Sip back and enjoy the world's smoothest duo.

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